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We’re committed to making sure that every bite you eat tastes astounding.

People have forgotten the value of a nutritious and delicious meal. BlackWater is a people company that positively impacts its patrons and the local community through its serving of delicious, organic, locally sourced southern foods and the sharing of family values and traditions. Through this commitment, we put the Joy and Fulfillment back into eating.


Who We Are | Love & Community

Food is medicine. It heals wounds of the heart, and calms busy, nervous minds. Cooking and serving our deep southern cuisine translates universally and plays a huge role in the local culture. We are an organic, locally sourced catering company that wants to help the local community build a relationship with it's land and the plants and animals that live there. We do this by sourcing locally and vetting the farms ourselves. Each vegetable and animal's life is truly valuable to the community and we exemplify that through beautiful and delicious experiences. We strive to be the positive ripple in the community that leads to an appreciation of the land, animals, and farmers

The world wants to be comfortable more than anything else. We offer all the amenities, quality, and enlightened service, while offering comfort through affordability and location. We are not on the edge of the adventurous, gastronomy revolution. We represent tradition and history. We exemplify beauty through simplicity and positive emotions. We are not "the next big thing" we are an old dream manifested. Each dish tells a personal story of the past. Timeless food finds harmony in the now through a unique, chic atmosphere and dedication to the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients.

“BlackWater is a people company that spreads joy and nurtures by serving delicious and nutritious food, sourced locally from farms of integrity. Creating a positive impact on the people and community we interact with is the single most important thing we can do.”