Healthy Corporate Catering for your Company BBQs
June 12, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Healthy corporate catering at its most flavorful

Breakfast may hold the title of most important meal of the day, but lunch and supper are often spent with friends, family, and colleagues. Relying on BlackWater Food’s healthy corporate catering is an excellent way to keep your team full and powered throughout the day, and also a great way to keep morale up and stress low.

But not all company lunches are created equal; fast food and other unhealthy options can slow your team down—and just aren’t as delicious as organic, locally-sourced food prepared with care. BlackWater Food takes pride in the traditions we honor when we prepare each dish. Here’s what you can expect when you trust us for your catering needs.

Innovation and Unwavering Commitment to Traditional Flavors

We all know Nashville is famous for its contributions to the country music scene, but you’d be hard-pressed to find another city in the South that loves to eat as much as Nashville. Long before the state’s capital became the country music capital, middle Tennessee’s agricultural offerings gave Tennesseans quality produce and animal products that led to some of the South’s best food.

BlackWater Food honors those who cared for the crops, the land, the animals, and created recipes that would be passed down from generation to generation. The hard work that went into growing quality food lives on today—and the final product of that dedication to the land arrives on your plate.

We work with local, organic growers to source the finest and most sustainable ingredients available, so you can feel good about each menu item you select. Our healthy corporate catering items deliver flavor, nutrition, and an innovative take on time-honored recipes.

But part of what makes these culinary traditions so special is the community aspect; Southern food is best served and eaten surrounded by people we care about and who we spend the most time with. Many members of our extended family are our coworkers, and taking a break from our daily responsibilities to share a delicious, healthy meal means more than just being fed: it means building and appreciating our relationships with one another. We don’t know of any other event that brings people together quite like eating a good meal, and we’re honored to be what brings your team together.

Feel Good About What You Serve at Your Company BBQ

Believe it or not, but Southern cooking can be a healthy option for your company BBQ. We take pride in preparing classic Southern dishes with the healthiest ingredients and nothing unnecessary. With most other Southern caterers, you may find some ingredients that don’t add to the flavor, honor traditional recipes, or skimp on the care that makes Southern food so joyful and fulfilling.

But what makes BlackWater Food’s recipes so special isn’t just the quality ingredients: it’s our relationships with those who grow the food. Because we source our organic, non-GMO ingredients locally, we get to know those who dedicate their lives to growing these nutritious ingredients and providing the highest quality meats available in middle Tennessee.

So, when you choose us to meet your catering needs, your hard-earned money goes directly back into the community that provided the food for us to cook and serve you—and we believe that’s how sustainable, farm-to-table food should be.

Spread Joy Over a Delicious Meal

Whether you’re feeding a team of two or several dozen, BlackWater Food’s healthy corporate catering promises delicious, traditional Southern dishes made only with the best organic ingredients. Want to learn more about how you can customize your catering dishes or choose from our menu? Give us a shout and let’s make it happen.