How to Make Your Nashville Wedding Catering More Sustainable
July 15, 2020 at 4:00 AM
a centerpiece of our nashville wedding catering menu

Weddings are events that we remember for the rest of our lives, and the food we include with them is one of the most important features. But not all wedding catering in Nashville offers the same memorable, flavorful, and sustainable selection. In fact, some wedding catering services offer the opposite—and that’s not how we feel the food you serve at your wedding (or elsewhere) should be.

Whether you need to feed only a few people or hundreds at your Nashville wedding, we know you want to serve them the highest quality food available without the waste that comes with large-scale operations. Blackwater Food is committed to serving you and your loved ones healthy, delicious food without the massive footprint of industrial food production. Here’s how we make it happen.

Choose Sustainability

Weddings signify a dedication to long-term relationships built on love and respect. Our relationship to food, the land it’s grown on, and those who grow it is not entirely dissimilar. We’re committed to sourcing only the finest ingredients that are grown through practices meant to preserve the land for decades to come.

While this is our commitment, it isn’t always so simple to find growers who are dedicated to employing sustainable practices to provide us with organic, healthy, and delicious food. Many growers and consumers have forgotten the love, dedication, and hard work that goes into nurturing the land. We believe that if we take care of the earth and those who work its soil, it will in return give us the healthiest foods possible—and that’s what drives our sustainability-driven mindset here at Blackwater Foods.

Our passion for providing delicious, healthy food at our Nashville neighbors’ weddings and other events gives you the opportunity to give yourself and your guests a more sustainable wedding. From choosing exactly how much you want to serve each guest, the ingredients you want us to use, or if you want to serve a plant-based menu, we can make it happen.

We’re committed to doing our part to end the cycle of wedding waste through our catering offerings; more than 10% of all wedding food served in the United States gets thrown in the trash. We believe this is unacceptable for a number of reasons. But at the core, we believe that serving healthy, delicious offerings helps not only reduce waste—who wants to toss away food that tastes amazing?—but gives us the chance to connect you closer to local growers by giving you the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

So, whether you want a custom menu or want to select from some of our most popular catering options, we can help you serve a more sustainable meal to your guests. Not only does this help you create a more memorable food experience on your big day, but it directly supports local growers who made it possible, and continue to make healthy, organic food possible for generations to come.

Give Your Guests a Delicious Meal with Blackwater Food

We know that your wedding is all about creating a unique experience, and we’re happy to help you create a menu that is sure to leave you and your guests completely satisfied. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a more sustainable wedding with our Nashville wedding catering services.