The Benefits of Creating a Lunch Culture With Organic Catering
March 16, 2020 at 4:00 AM
by BlackWater Hospitality
organic catering

Increasing employee job satisfaction, staff development, and promoting collaboration at work are all desirable goals for managers. Companies also earmark funds and allocate resources to ensure employees are not only retained in their employ but also engaged at work.

You can address all of these concerns by providing free lunches, and save money in the process. And if you add organic catering to the mix, you’ll only be increasing your opportunities to develop a reputation for being an employer of choice.

Still not convinced? To show you how creating a lunch culture with free organic catered food can be beneficial to your company, we put together the following list of benefits:

1. Increase employee productivity

Next to breakfast, lunch is a very important meal – which is why it’s essential to keep it healthy with organic catering. Eating lunch means we’re refueling our depleted energy stores so that we can make it through the day.

Also, the fact that it’s provided by the company makes it a truly enjoyable experience, so you have happy employees. And happy employees are productive employees. In fact, a healthy lunch can make employees 150% more productive and get them more focused by as much as 46% throughout the afternoon, so afternoon slumps will become a thing of the past.

2. Foster strong relationships among employees

Employees grow and thrive in workplaces where they have not only working relationships but also personal connections with the people in their team. The thing is, forging these relationships takes time, and they’re not always so easy to build in busy workplaces.

By providing corporate lunch catering, your people will have time to sit together, enjoy lunch, and chitchat about anything and everything under the sun. Giving them the opportunity to mingle with staff in other departments also helps build rapport, strengthens collaboration, and builds up team spirit.

3. Conduct better meetings

Lunch meetings tend to yield better results as the expectation of having a meal forces everyone to be more pointed and purposeful in their participation (you need to make time for proper eating after all!). This helps save time and ensures the meeting is productive.

With a lunch meeting, you can count on higher engagement, too. Since people are focused on the meal and the meeting, they won’t be distracted by anything else, including their phones and laptops.

4. Improve job satisfaction and engagement

Most employees leave their jobs because of high job dissatisfaction and or low engagement. And it’s not always about the salary. Employees stay if the organizational culture is conducive to creativity, openness and innovation, when they feel appreciated and valued, and because of great benefits.

Providing free organic lunches is an excellent way to show your appreciation and care for your employees’ health and wellbeing. Millennials, especially, are keen on having healthy food options, so take note.

Keep everyone happy with organic catering

With company-provided organic catering for lunch, it’s easy to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Your people don’t have to stress over what food they’ll bring to work daily, or plan for which meal and restaurant to go for when they need to go out for lunch.

It’s also easy to address dietary restrictions as you only need to inform corporate lunch catering services of these special requests.

At BlackWater, we not only provide organic food for corporate lunches but also cater to events, weddings, private dinners, and many more.

We create custom menus and serve only delicious and healthy non-GMO organic, locally sourced Creole/Cajun/Southern cooking.

We abide by the farm-to-table principle and get our supplies only from sustainable sources.

So if you’re based in Nashville, or anywhere in Middle Tennessee, get in touch with us so we can design a lovely lunchtime menu for you and your employees to enjoy.  

The hospitality and small farming industry have been hit harder than anyone in this pandemic and when you support BlackWater, you help maintain the farms, animals, land, and local community through these extraordinary times.