Why Local Produce Matters
April 13, 2020 at 4:00 AM
by BlackWater Hospitality
farm to table caterers

Where you source your produce from makes a world of difference in terms of flavor, freshness and your eco-footprint. As nature-loving farm to table caterers serving Middle Tennessee, we can give you a few good reasons it’s definitely worth it to choose local.

Whether you’re shopping for produce at the grocer’s downtown, strolling through one of Nashville’s farmers markets or looking for the best fruits and veggies to serve at your next event, these are the reasons buying local matters.

Buying local supports the local economy

When you purchase fresh leafy greens, seasonal stone fruit and other produce from local farmers and producers, you’re helping your local community thrive. Every dollar you spend generates twice that amount for the local economy.

It’s easier to eat seasonally

There are a few advantages to filling your grocery cart or your event menu with seasonal produce. First, seasonal items don’t have to be frozen before they are ready for purchase — with seasonal produce, you can enjoy a true farm to table experience. 

Another advantage is price. When you purchase local, seasonal food, you’re getting the crops that are the most abundant right now, so they’re also less expensive than other non-seasonal produce.

There’s nothing fresher than local

The freshness factor alone is reason enough to buy local. At BlackWater, we’ve been catering for Tennessee weddings, private dinners and other events for years, and we only serve the freshest foods because they always taste spectacular. Fresh, local food is the secret to bringing people together.

Buying local produce reduces your food’s carbon footprint

Whether you’re running a restaurant or buying ingredients for family dinners, every purchase you make impacts the environment. When you buy local, your food doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to the market. This means fewer fossil fuels are burned to bring food to your table.

It’s a way to support small farmers

Pearson Farm peaches, Tennessee Cut Flower Collective’s floral bouquets, Galena Garlic Company’s spices, Nature’s Promise Farm’s tasty shiitake mushrooms and huge variety of seasonal produce — seriously, what would we do without Tennessee’s amazing local growers? By buying local, we’re helping these small businesses experience continued success.

Trust us, when local farmers are supported, everyone wins. These people know how to respect the land and to grow and produce truly remarkable food.

So, the next time you are at the store, look for the local produce section. When you can, visit the farmers market, talk to the growers and make some new friends while picking up some great eats.

If you’re deciding what to serve at your next event, get in touch with BlackWater today. We’re farm to table caterers who specialize in serving locally sourced Southern foods. From weddings and parties to corporate events and lunch meetings, we’d love to cater at your event.

We offer a variety of options, so check out our menu. We’re also more than happy to create a bespoke menu for your event. Feed your guests Southern classics such as our famous Cajun pasta, jambalaya, andouille and dirty rice. Everything — from our salads to our famous Blackwater gumbo — is made from fresh, local ingredients. Reach out today to learn more or to order catering online.